Thaddeus Archibald Bellicoze III

Vengeful hunter of all things evil


Bell wears a thick, dark purple wide-brimmed fedora, linen shirt, long wool coat, thick pants, boots, and a heavy, purple and gold cloak. The top of the boots as well as the collar and hood of the cloak are trimmed with the reddish-brown fur of a hell hound. The backpack from his ranger’s kit has been modified to work like a messenger bag; it is slung around one shoulder and hangs at Bell’s side. Upon Bell’s person are two large quivers of arrows. One is on his back and the other, strapped to his belt, hangs at an angle at his waist. His longbow is slung around his torso, resting on a shoulder in line with the quiver on his back. Four daggers are strapped in sheathes in a diagonal fashion on Bell’s chest, ready to be unsheathed and thrown in an instant. Bell’s claw bracer is always strapped to his right hand. This bracer was made from the claws of the same hell hound whose fur trims his attire.

(Second from the left)


There was once a time when a Bellicoze blade was found in every sheath. Each bit of steel that entered a Bellicoze forge emerged an example of perfection, beauty, and mastery. That time came to a swift end, and that name is only a bitter and haunting memory.

Thaddeus Archibald Bellicoze II and his wife Shayde were wealthy nobles of Waterdeep who owned a vast conglomeration of smithies. The origin of such wealth and renown tells of a poor blacksmith named Bellicoze who, at the behest of a noble, crafted silver weapons and helped defend Waterdeep against a horde of lycanthropes sent by an overeager god.

Over the generations Bellicoze weapons and armor became status symbols. Anyone who was anyone had a “Bell made blade” and was willing to pay heavy coin for ownership. Eyes ever on the horizon of their fortune, Thaddeus II and Shayde eventually moved north near the Moonwood to settle Bell Rock, a mining town that would further fuel their prospering business. They had an Aasimar child, Thaddeus III, an event which was proclaimed a blessing unto the entire town. Thaddeus III was an unmistakably beautiful child, his avian features and sapphire-colored eyes were striking and noticeable by all. His hair was a dark matte gray with a sheen of shimmering iron, which was rumored around town an omen of further fortune and prosperity upon the Bellicoze’s business empire. Bell, as he was affectionately dubbed, had a good childhood. Over the years, what was once a small mining village became a wealthy ore distribution center and town, thanks to the financial drive and political machinations of Thaddeus II and Shayde.

But the gods do not forget. Malar, god of the hunt, overseer of swift and bloody deaths, keeper of the lycanthrope, did not forget the defeat he suffered at Waterdeep generations ago. He saw in the town of Bell Rock an opportunity to exact his revenge on the Bellicoze family in a particularly satisfying way.

Late one night, a terrifying horde of lycanthropes spilled from the Moonwood and descended upon the village. Werewolves, werebears, and great, hulking wereapes crashed down houses and massacred the townspeople with ease. Quick as lightning werepanthers caught anyone who tried to flee. A fire caught and spread, and the town was a ruin in minutes. No human survived.

Twelve year old Bell ran into the Moonwood. Somehow no lycanthrope saw him as he ran from his burning house and out of the former town of Bell Rock. Starving, alone and full of vengeance, Bell swore to the gods that he would hunt and kill all evil beings that crossed his path. Almost instantly, Bell’s oath was answered. He felt a surge of magical energy and divine power. From the flames of his hometown, Bell was born again.

For many days Bell stumbled through the Moonwood, using his newly granted magic to keep himself from exhaustion and death. At last he came upon a band of moon elves. More tolerant of human kind than their cousins, the elves took Bell in and nursed him to health. They were overjoyed to meet an Aasimar and found Bell to be a jovial and likable fellow, despite his recent trauma. They took him in and began to teach him their ways.

Over the years Bell learned much from the moon elves. He particularly excelled under the tutelage of the ranger Darien Greylace. He learned everything he could from Darien, knowing that the traits of the tracker and skilled bowman would be invaluable in carrying out his oath. No, Bell did not forget the lonely vow he made that caught the ear of an unknown deity. He would repeat it every day upon waking, over every kill he made on a hunt, and every night before sleep. He was never answered, but nor did his magic fade. Little did he know that the deity to which he prayed was the very Malar who slaughtered his family. Every time Bell’s oath was uttered Malar would grow stronger, and the celestial-blooded aasimar would slip closer toward darkness.

*It should be noted that after the destruction of Bell Rock the Bellicoze industrial empire was shattered at its foundation. Eager nobles bought smithies and factories. Others merely swept in and took over. There was no wealth left for Thaddeus Archibald Belicoze III, and the town of Bell Rock was shunned as a place full of haunts and tormented spirits. It should also be said that if Bell were to attempt to prove his lineage, he would have a very difficult time of it, even with the physical proof his race exhibits. It is common knowledge that the Bellicoze name became ashes along with the town after which it was named.

Thaddeus Archibald Bellicoze III

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