Stokely Silverstream

Dain of the Dwarven Valley


With fair skin and a long fiery red beard, Stokely has a commanding presence. His chain mail armor is adored with bronze and silver plates. He wears a long white fur cloak and, when in battle, a helmet fashioned like his armor. A large bronze battle hammer rests in a loop on his hip.


Since arriving in Icewind Dale as a lad, the longtime leader of the dwarves of Kelvin’s Cairn has become one of the oldest residents of the valley.

Stokely Silverstream has the mountain in his bones, say the dwarves—a comment on his age and his uncanny knack for navigating the mountain’s depths, a skill that has enriched the Battlehainmer clan over the years as Stokely has unearthed new lodes in the old mines.

Stokely is the uncle of Helda Silverstream. He has hired the crew to assist with his problems after Helda brought them into the Dwarven Valley.

Stokely Silverstream

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