Osten Enok

Civilized Reghed descendant


Osten has the tall and muscular build of a Reghed, but the kempt and shielded complexion of a towns person. He has a seriousness about him that perhaps exceedes his ability, but he is yet to find himself in over his head. Albeit ambitious, Osten is learning to be patient in his return to his ancestral home. This drive seems to be propelled by a sense of guilt for having participated in a civilization that seems to leave the Reghed to themselves in the most bitter part of the world, competing with them for resources (and occasionally in military conflicts) at that.


Born in Bryn Shander, Osten is a descendant of the Tribe of the Elk generations past. His father was a cook and his mother was a maid, dabbling in scrimshaw in her spare time. The couple raised Osten when they were not working and left him to his own devices while they were. Osten befriended Gunnolf at an early age and the two have been close since. Osten trained with Gunnolf in what combat skills they could discover, but Osten has remained the superior combatant. None the less, Osten is humble and confers to Gunnolf for many of his decisions. They have recently decided to quit Bryn Shander and head north to assist their ancestral tribe- The Elk Tribe.

Osten Enok

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