Gunnolf Klasson

Civilized Reghed descendant


Gunnolf is average height and of a skin tone slightly darker than that of the typical Reghed. His hair is cut short and is dark in color. His face is lumpy and his nose crooked. He is quiet, but willing to jump to the aid of Osten and any who claim Reghed ancestry. His voice is low and nasally.


Gunnolf was raised in Bryn Shander by his Aunt Nertha Klasson. His parents died in the battlefields outside of Bryn Shander when Akar Kessel attempted to seize power. Nertha was a caring, but exceedingly old. She died when Gunnolf was twelve and he was left to make a living for himself, doing odd jobs for merchants and travelers. He and Osten are long time friends. They have recently decided to lave Bryn Shander in order to assist their ancestral tribe- The Elk Tribe.

Gunnolf Klasson

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