Bryn Shander

When travelers following Ten Trail cross the Spine of the World into Icewind Dale, their first sight is of the circular wall of Bryn Shander rising from a distant hilltop, with Kelvin’s Cairn looming in the distance.

The twinkling lights of the town’s inns promise refuge from the lashing winds, and the smoke from its many hearths portends warmth and sustenance.

After they have passed through Bryn Shander’s gates, travelers are swept up in the bustle of a prospering frontier town. Although the protection from the elements is not as promised. The streets are thick with slush and mud. Wind dips between buildings and snow and ice blow in with it.

The buildings are build low, with shallow sloped, or at times completely flat, roofs. Their walls are thick wood or stone and doors are made of the same. Except for the town square, few spend time outside without a quick in their step, or a cloak wrapped tight around their heads.

Here, caravans from the south converge with traders from across Icewind Dale to swap goods and rumors in the busy market square. Fishers, trappers, traders, and sellswords rub elbows in the town’s taprooms, and gruff dwarves, wide eyed travelers, and skulking ne’er-do-wells wander its streets.

Bryn Shander is the heart of Ten-Towns, and trade is its lifeblood. Caravans from the Sword Coast, traders from Ironmaster, dwarves from Kelvin’s Cairn, fishers and crafters from Ten-Towns, and sometimes hunters from the barbarian tribes of the tundra all meet in the market square. Here, the people of Icewind Dale ply their wares, hawking the scrimshaw and raw knucklehead ivory that is much esteemed by those of the southern lands. In return, the southern caravans bring rich dyes, hardwood from the forests of the heartlands, dried herbs and spices, finely woven textiles, fruits, wines, and many other commodities that are rare in the frozen north.

Places of Interest:

Geldenstag’s Rest
The Hooked Knucklehead
The Northlook
Kelvin’s Comfort
Rendaril’s Emporium
Blackiron Blades
Shrine of Amaunator

People of Interest:

Duvessa Shane
Rendari Elwallist
Vaelish Gant
Myrtle Greywater
Mithann Elsje Visscher

Bryn Shander

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