Vaelish Gant

Merchant of Bryn Shander


Vaelish Gant is a heavy man of medium height, with short, black hair, dark eyes, and light brown skin that clearly marks him as a foreigner in Icewind Dale. He dresses the part of a wizard, wearing a brown robe with a fancy white mantle fastened with a seashell brooch. His ornate metal staff is tipped with a glowing sapphire, displaying his magical acumen for all to see. Though he gives the impression of magical might, his skills at wizardry have not progressed far beyond his apprenticeship. This arrogance extends to his every mannerism—he is cocky and confident, believing himself to be destined for greatness and superior to everyone he meets.

Vaelish’s initial encounter in the market place of Bryn Shander bespoke of his arrogance, but he was quick to repair this impression with pleasantries.


Vaelish Gant hails from the southern Sword Coast city of Athkatla. Nothing is commonly known of how he came to be in Icewind Dale.

Vaelish Gant

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