Mithann Elsje Visscher

Priest of Amaunator


Mithan is tall and fair skinned with long black hair. He wears a lightly armored red cloak and speaks in a soft but happy tone. She is hopeful and easy to help those in need.


Mithann was a member of two different adventuring companies with Isteval, a paladin of Amaunator who has since retired to Daggerford. Two of their companions from the first company, the Knights of the Unicorn, have settled in Baldur’s Gate.

She calls Amaunator by old names—the Morninglord and the Glory of Dawn—that evoke a different image from that ofthe stern, rigid sun god who is worshiped farther south. When the sun first rises from the long winter twilight late in the month of Haininer, Mithann leads the god’s most popular festival—a great feast in the town hall.

Her shrine of Amaunator, located near the small northeastern market square, is a converted house that serves as a modest gathering place for worshipers ofthe god of the sun. Considering that the sun vanishes for two months at a time every winter, it’s a wonder that Amaunator has any worshipers at all in Icewind Dale.

Mithann was asked to watch over the corpse of Hengar by Murryl. Ousten and Gunnolf came to her to request to bury the body of their friend themselves.

Mithann Elsje Visscher

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