Helda Silverstream

Merchant of Mirabar


Helda Silverstream has gray eyes and dreadlocks of long, mahogany hair that she pulls back behind her head. She wears the hooded silver-stitched blue cloak of her clan, fastened with a silver clasp in the shape of a dwarven war axe.


Born of the union between clans Silverstream and Battlehammer, Helda Silverstream is a young dwarf who inherited the formidable cunning of her father’s kin as well as the bravery associated with her mother’s name. Worldly as well as wise, she has already seen more of the world in her sixty years than her uncle has in his many long winters. After spending her formative years hearing about the vaunted clan Battlehammer, Helda took it upon herself to travel into the world and earn her own renown.

Although Helda’s fiery personality was forged in the valley of Kelvin’s Cairn, her skills were tempered on the road between Icewind Dale and Waterdeep. There she learned mining, smithcraft, and the arts of war and diplomacy from travelers and city smiths, as well as the smiths of the valley when she was staying at home. She displayed the earnestness of a dwarf who had grown up in a harsh land that could ill accommodate the time required to spend so long at study. Even in their protected valley home, the dwarves of Kelvin’s Cairn struggle to live through each winter, hunting for food and resources and fending off the orcs, giants, and other creatures that would claim the valley’s shelter. The clan members in Icewind Dale must work hard simply to survive—they do not have the luxury of a liberal education.

Her most recent return trip to Icewind Dale employed Bell and Todd Decroder as caravan guards. The caravan also contained Murryl and Turrell who were on a mission of their own. After reaching Bryn Shander, Helda hired the four of them to guard her on the north road to the Dwarven Valley.

Helda did not intend to spend the rest of her winters in the Dwarven Valley nor in Waterdeep, so after ten years there, she moved on to Mirabar, to seek a life and a fortune of her own. Though she makes her home in that city, she travels throughout the North, bringing her metalwork and jewelry to customers ranging from Waterdeep to Icewind Dale.

She is the niece of Stokely Silverstream.

Helda Silverstream

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