The Shadows of Bryn Shander

Murryl's Journal the Second

26th of Eleint DR 1371 The Fading

It’s not the cold I’m not used to, but this blasted fluffy, slushy shit. Its everywhere, and it makes my already difficult pacing even that much more slower.
As it stands, I’m currently writing this while in fact standing guard over a merchant warehouse with the rest of my traveling companions. Bell finally managed to hoist himself up onto the roof, but I’ve no inkling as to why someone in their right mind would do something of the sort.

Oh! I must write about the previous evening. Glancing back at the last entry, I remember that I left off just before going to see Slim with Bell and Mr. Decroder. It was not so much of a meeting as it was a massacre. Four bodies, in fact, ended up on the ground, three of which were our doing. Turrel also managed to find his way to us just at this moment. I was wondering when I’d see “pointy-ears” again, but I’d dare not say that to his face, lest I’d want the wrong end of a dagger, most likely. We met Slim in his room, but it must have been a mistake. There was a dead surfacer laying there on the ground, bleeding out. Turns out this was Aarun, the fellow we were ‘sposed get the weapons to. He had a note on his body signed by Mithann, a local priestess. Well, Slim escaped out the window and I gave chase! Clangeddin’s Beard, I wasn’t going to let this slimy rat get away so fast! But once again, due to my meager stature, I failed in keeping speed.

But blast it, none of that seems to matter no more. There are weirder things about in this Brynshander. Many attacks other than the encounter with Slim have come our way, none provoked by us. Most of ’em seem to be wearing some sort of black ice on their persons. A strange wicked material that causes the wearer to go stark mad over time and be overtaken by an immense desire for violence. I know this because I myself put on a ring which I found on one of our defeated attackers. It immediately bound itself to my flesh and drained my mental prowess. Fortunately for myself, there is a temple nearby dedicated to some surface “sun” god. The priestess there, Mithann, was kind enough to remove the curst ring. I am most interested in this “sun” god as well as the entire idea of the “sun.” It seems strange to have a large flaming orb hovering around the sky, lightening and darkening at its whim. Strange place, this surface world. Mithann told us something about shapechangers and lycanthropes, and that Aarun was actually purchasing these weapons (which are in fact beautiful SILVER weapons!!) in order to slay these creatures. We went back to that merchant, D, and he offered to give us the weapons in exchange for a nights worth of guard duty. He seemed pretty nervous.

I must also record something that has indeed touched my heart very much. In this Brynshander, and I assume throughout all of these Icewind Dales, there seems to be an outcast people, called Burburans. They are big, stocky surfacers with intricate braids and oddlooking personal affects. They are, however, honorable and mighty, indeed. Or at least they appear to be. I have taken up supporting their cause, as it seems we share a connection. Two outsiders in society, looked down upon and shoved to the margins of the world we live in. I have come here, past the Spine of the World, to build a new life for myself where one might be welcomed and accepted, even if an outcast in the Southern portion of this land. Waterdeep was cruel, but not as cruel as the Underdark. Icewind Dale, I hope, will allow me a home.

That is why I cannot sit idly by and watch another people be oppressed. These Burburbans had a companion, but as he had broken some minor law, he had been sentenced to being locked up in the center square of the town and left to the elements over night. A sentence which surely means death. I have taken the liberty of asking the sun priestess for help. Together we took the Burbur body back to the temple for preservation in hopes that he may be resurrected.

I have just come from speaking with the Burburans again and have told them of their companion’s body’s whereabouts. They thanked me, and we are to meet tomorrow morning at the temple to discuss further plans. I hope to get some rest and time for mental focus during this nightly guard duty. We may travel many miles tomorrow.


WrenM WrenM

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