The Frozen Road North

Murryl's Journal the Fourth

27th Eleint 1371 DR Year of the Fading

I wish I was back in that damned room I’d rented fort two tendays. This caravan ride is getting to be more than what my companions and I bargained for. Mr. Decroder’s recklessness isn’t helping the situation either. Just earlier today, Mr. Decroder saw a small burial cairn off the side of the trail and decided to run right up to it and wake the dead. The cairn was, I believe, for some surface-dwelling dwarven clansmen, of whom I know nothing, but I imagine Miss Silverstream knows much more…

Whilst slewing the undead surface-beards, a strange and mysterious figure approached bringing with her a reassuring calmness which I haven’t felt in many, many decades. This woman was dressed strangly as well, but not in the way of Bell. She wears more natural and utilitarian clothing. Oh! And her small white fox kept prancing around with Jam Jom. Weird.

It seems that this woman, Freyja is her name, shall be accompanying us for a while, a least. We are close to Kelvin’s Cairn, and Freyja was headed in the same direction… something to do with a dwarven outpost or somesuch. Miss Helda seemed concerned. So concerned, in fact, that we missed another fine opportunity to try and progress our relationship.
Looks like the tower is just ahead there on the trail. ‘Spose we’ll stop here and go check it out. I hope my companions don’t do anything rash, and that we can get paid and turn back to that town. After helping the Barbarians, too, I might add.


WrenM WrenM

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