Murryl's Journal the First

25th of Eleint DR 1371 The Fading

We’ve made it. It took an extra week and a half longer than we had planned, but the caravan I’ve been traveling with has finally reached its destination, and not without its dangers. We lost two of our companions, one along the way during a nighttime raid and the other just as we had reached the town’s gates (we were suspiciously attacked by hulking snow beasts at our arrival).

All’s well that ends well, or so these surface dwellers like to say; and it seems my journey north has indeed ended pleasantly. I’ve found room and board for two tendays as well as a need for my craft. There appears to be only one weaponsmith in the vicinity, and I imagine I can hone my craft enough to get these surface-lings to appreciate it enough to trade for it.
My confidant from Luskan has yet to arrive, but I expect he’s likely to show up at some point. He was a resourceful fellow, even if he is a “pointy-eared,” but I do need to pay him his share of the profits, not sure what for, though…

My traveling companions also seem to be staying in this inn, tonight. I imagine there aren’t too many beds to be found. I was too nervous of the great big open sky to really listen to what the caravan leader was saying about the different locales, along with the great number of people… still haven’t gotten used to it. The solitude of the journey north still lingers in my mind. It was much easier to focus.
Well, some fellow named Slim was asking for the lot of us, so I should better go see what’s up. I think I hear my companions in the hall, now…


WrenM WrenM

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